2024 Democratic National Convention: Officials outline plans for Chicago to host the DNC at the United Center, McCormick Place

CHICAGO (WLS) — Democratic National Committee officials will be in Chicago on Wednesday to outline more details about the city hosting the 2024 Democratic National Convention.

Chicago has beaten New York and Atlanta to host the DNC. It will have a huge impact on our city, bringing a huge boost to business.

McCormick Place is set to host most of the meetings the DNC will be holding when it comes and the United Center will feature all of the major speeches.

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DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson, Governor JB Pritzker, Senator Tammy Duckworth, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot plan to hold a press conference to talk about the convention to be held Aug. 19-22, 2024.

In August 2024, cameras and people from around the world will flock to Chicago.

The city was selected to host the four-day Democratic National Convention.

Lynn Osmond is president and CEO of Choose Chicago, which promotes tourism in the city.

He said remarks from the governor, mayor, and the election of Brandon Johnson gave the city scale in favor of Atlanta and New York, among many other things.

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“First of all, they chose Chicago and they chose Chicago because it's the center of the Midwest, it's a great logistics hub and the fact that we have multiple ways to get here,” said Osmond. “What really sealed the deal was when Brandon Johnson was elected.”

An estimated fifty thousand people and an estimated economic impact of $150 million, a huge boon for a city that continues to recover from losses from the pandemic.

“So I think what's exciting about this convention as well is that it's going to help us immediately in terms of selling the city and selling the convention because we've been named a DNC site,” said Osmond.

Vote Chicago said the convention would give Chicago's reputation a big boost and make the city more desirable.

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“Once we have a successful convention then that will really help us because we sell the city to convention attendees but also to recreational travel,” said Osmond.

The largest city in the Midwest has long been considered a bastion of the pro-labor movement that helped Brandon Johnson's progressive campaign for mayor.

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“I would work hard in a neighborhood that's had a generation of drought, that we reroute the river if you want to make sure that there's a real investment flow to the community,” Johnson said.

The DNC's decision to return the convention to Chicago was not only a huge political coup for the city and state, but also a huge economic boon estimated at around $150 million.

As President Biden was on his way to the air force one before his trip to Ireland, he called Governor Pritzker to let him know that Chicago would be his convention city.

“I told him how excited we were and how we were going to have the best convention the Democratic Party had ever had and it was going to be the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris convention,” Pritzker said.