5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time

You don't have to drop out of school to see the world. We'll show you how to do both if you use your time properly.

Traveling the world, experiencing different cultures, learning languages ​​you don't know, and interacting with people from unique backgrounds are the best educational experiences.

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Surrounding yourself with Spanish speakers, for example, is the fastest path to fluency. Assimilation with people who are very different from you teaches you understanding and empathy for other people and their way of life.

All of this is great, but to study and travel, you need to successfully combine these two activities. Unfortunately, not all students are able to do it because they are often overwhelmed with homework. Fortunately, there is a way out. For example, you can get help from academic essay writer. This way, all of your written assignments will be turned in on time.

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1. Travel to learn a new language.

5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time
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An opportunity to really immerse yourself in the culture and get to know the locals better is to learn the language of the country you are in. Plus, knowing the basics will increase your chances of interacting with city dwellers, for example, when you ask for directions, buy something or order food at a restaurant. To learn the language, you can buy a self-instruction manual at a gift shop or use a translator on your phone.

2. Take a gap year for cultural immersion.

5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time
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Some countries are better than others when it comes to cultural immersion-focused travel destinations.

Keep in mind that the level of cultural immersion available to students taking a gap year may depend on choices such as country history, language, traditions, and openness to foreigners.

When it comes to a school year or semester abroad, students generally look at three main aspects:

  • ability to develop language skills
  • ability to work profitably
  • opportunity to live and study among the locals

Many students who take a gap year seek programs that offer full immersion in a language they already know at some level to improve their language skills.

Some students may want to acquire language skills in more than one language. In this regard, a gap year program where two or even more languages ​​are spoken is ideal.

Whatever your goals, a language-focused vacation during a gap year will help you overcome language barriers, improve your communication skills, connect more closely with locals, and engage in meaningful conversations.

3. Travel during summer holidays.

5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time
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Foreign holidays are great opportunities for education, sports, creativity, travel, communication in a foreign language, or preparation for an interesting entrance. Students traveling abroad will be able to feel independent and more confident.

The formula for the ideal summer vacation consists of sunny sunny days, lots of travel and exciting excursions to previously unknown cities and countries. And, of course, that includes finding lots of new friends gathered in one place from all over the world.

A nice bonus will also be language practice from a foreign language. Without a doubt, you will want to write an essay about summer just like that. But in case of some trouble, you can always turn to essay writing services. They will help you write your summer vacation essay quickly and professionally.

4. Participate in a school exchange.

5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time
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An agreement between educational institutions regarding the mutual exchange of students is called a school exchange. Such programs allow schoolchildren and students to study and intern abroad for one or two academic semesters. Educational organizations (schools) independently determine the type of program and carry out school exchanges based on an agreement between educational organizations.

Exchange programs are divided into commercial, state and operating based NGO. Commercial programs are run by private schools and education classes specializing in international education. The main goal of such a program is the teaching of a foreign language for the subsequent admission of students to foreign universities. After the trip, students receive documents for internships abroad. Government and NGO programs are more focused on cultural experiences. After completing the program, they do not issue certificates and documents.

5. Go to a summer camp abroad.

5 Ways to Travel and Study at the Same Time
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Summer vacation is one of the most anticipated events of the year for every student. If you are bored, and the usual camps no longer please you, experience the emotions of visiting a foreign educational center.

The international summer camp offer for students is a wide variety of programs: from languages ​​and sports to tourism and culture. Students of the educational institution get the opportunity to broaden their horizons, meet with representatives of different countries, improve their knowledge in various fields, and engage in their favorite hobby. Campuses are located all over the world: UK, USA, Netherlands, UAE, Greece and many other places students can visit.

Language summer camp is one of the most popular hobby options for kids of all ages. Depending on the level of knowledge and goals of students, educational institutions select appropriate programs, groups and leisure activities to effectively raise the level of the language. Such camps also offer biases: academic, sports, creative, and preparation for college or university entry.