A new city Office of the Inspector General's report uncovers failures in Chicago's police accountability system

Friday, May 26, 2023 03:53

CHICAGO (WLS) — A new Inspector General's report uncovers structural failures in the Chicago Police Department's accountability system.

The city's IG is specifically looking at enforcing the department's Rule 14, which prohibits CPD members from making false reports. IG's office found members who violated that rule were allowed to remain in a position of trust.

The report found that the CPD currently or recently employed more than 100 members with a history of making false reports. It also uncovered problems with the department's Bureau of Home Affairs policies, which ID said contributed to underenforcement of Rule 14.

In a statement, the CPD said in part, “Our civil and sworn members are expected to act with integrity as we work to build and maintain credibility and trust among the communities we serve.”

It added it had considered the Inspector General's recommendations and had made progress to implement some of them.

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