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Let's get to the point: Auckland sure is trendy. Like, super trendy. The people, the cafes, the boutiques – they are all very trendy. Even the houses dotted along the tree-lined residential streets are – you guessed it – trendy. So what should you do with two days in Auckland? I'm glad you asked!

I recently spent a few days in Auckland bringing you this very trendy guide to Auckland, New Zealand. And while I think four days might be too long, I think two days is just the right amount of time to explore the city and take in the highlights. So with that said, here's my guide to Auckland!

World of Wanderlust guide to Auckland

For starters, this wasn't my first visit to Auckland. I have visited several times with one of my best friends who lived here before the pandemic. Each time my friend showed me new cafes, boutiques and areas to explore but since she moved to Los Angeles I visited Auckland this year for the first time without her as my guide.

For me, Auckland is always full of inspiration. The city has a reputation as the center of design, culture and food in New Zealand. Of course, Wellington is a sharp contender – especially when it comes to food and drink. But if you're looking for a city that has it all (including blissful summers), Auckland is your top choice.

Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion

Eat your way through Ponsonby

To start your Auckland adventure, I highly recommend starting your day at Ponsonby Road. This is where you'll find many of Auckland's best cafes, bakeries, bars and boutiques. And when you're done exploring Ponsonby, you can always walk to nearby Karangahape Street (“K Street”), which is equally full of great places and has a slightly grungier feel.

Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion

Don't miss these top picks:

Duck Island Ice Cream – OG Ice Cream Shop on Ponsonby Rd. Local favorite.

Small bird – A strictly vegan restaurant with delicious healthy bites (and a lunch menu!)

Department store – A luxury concept store full of international and local designers. The focus is mainly on fashion, but there is a wide selection of homewares and beauty/wellness products as well.

WORLD – Mostly French perfumes with bougie wax and high fashion cuts.

Cake & Co – A little hole in the wall cake shop. Perfect if you have something to celebrate!

Little & Friday – A small cafe with delicious food and sweets to take away. This is one of the cafes that my friend Sophie and I frequent (and it's as good as I remember).

Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion
Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion

Shop at Ponsonby

As I mentioned before, Ponsonby is full of designer yarns, small boutiques and concept stores. There are lots of shops to explore and are best visited on foot so I suggest you park somewhere near a residential street or grab a car park on the main road if you can, and give yourself at least a few hours. explore the road as a whole.

Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion
Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion

Visit the Bluebell Bakery

Once you've finished exploring Ponsonby, it's time to park at Bluebell's Bakery for a caffeinated drink and some sweet treats. This is one of my favorite bakeries I visited on this trip and it's easy to get to as there is parking right out front. The lemon curd cupcakes are a standout, plus you can watch the baking team at work through the viewing window.

Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion
Auckland City Guide |  A WORLD OF Wandering Passion

Cafes go around town on these top spots

Speaking of bakeries, I visited quite a few on this trip! As many of you know I just opened my new bakery Brooki Bakehouse in Brisbane, so visiting the thriving pastry shop in Auckland was high on my agenda. There are too many great bakeries and patisserie in Auckland to name them all, so I'll do you a favor and include only my best picks.

Catroux – Great little find with a great selection of vegan and dairy free cakes.

Baker – Once the most popular patisserie in Auckland and still one of the top contenders. I went with the cookbook too for future inspiration!

Magnolia Kitchen – You'll need to rent a car to get to this one, but the extra effort is certainly worth it if you love bakeries like me. The team at Magnolia are also doing retail treats now, so if you want to try their stuff but don't want to stick around for the ride, look for a local stockist in town.

Ripe deli – Best take away lunch spot in Auckland. This delicatessen is full of sweet and savory treats, plus lots of healthy salads and dressings. The perfect place to grab a packed lunch before a road trip!

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