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Sunday, April 30, 2023 17:02

The NC woman warned drivers to be careful after rocks were thrown at the car

ASHEVILLE, NC — Normal driving became a heartbreaking experience for a woman in Asheville after she said someone deliberately threw a large rock from a bridge at her car.

Marisol Alonzo and her daughter were driving home at night over the weekend when she passed under a bridge on Interstate 26 and heard a startling sound. As he pulled over, he noticed something shattering the sunroof and side mirror.

Alonzo said he immediately called police, who took pictures of the damage. They told him they weren't sure what had happened.

“At that point, he said maybe a piece of concrete came out of the old bridge, or someone threw something at us,” he told WLOS.

Alonzo said he returned the next morning to investigate and found pieces of rock.

“That's when I found this boulder. I mean the remains of whoever threw this at my car,” he said.

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Alonzo filed a report with the police, who told him it was an isolated incident. Police said the bridge had no cameras, so finding suspects would be difficult.

He warned other drivers to be careful when driving under the bridge.

“I mean, you're driving 65 hours an hour on the highway, and you're just focused on the road and not on the bridge, but at this point, that's what I'm doing,” said Alonzo.

He remains grateful that nothing happened to him or his daughter.

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