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posted: 1/6/2023 | June 1, 2023

I love Mexico City. It's dynamic, diverse, bustling, and filled with great museums and restaurants.

There's so much to do here. a long time to peel back the layers of this onion and get to the essence of the city. We run a week long tour of the city and it just gives you a good overview of everything!

However, with so much to see and do, I always recommend first-time visitors take a walking tour (or three) during their trip. History, food, nightlife, markets — there are many types of tours that can introduce you to the city with the help of an expert local guide.

Here is my list of the best walking tours in Mexico City:

Best Overall Tour


Run by friend and food expert Anais Martinez (aka The Curious Mexican), the Devoured tour goes deeper into the CMDX culinary scene, with five different four-hour tours to choose from. At each, you'll meet local “tastemakers,” masters of their craft who share the processes behind Mexican gastronomic traditions such as crafting mouth-watering tacos or crafting delicious mezcal cocktails.

Best Free Tour

Monkey Experience

The Monkey Experience, a travel company owned and run by Mexico City, offers free two-hour walking tours daily. You'll embark on a tour of the historical center and learn about the Zócalo, the city's main cathedral, the local food market, the Palace of Fine Arts and more. Remember to tip at the end!

While it's probably the best free and paid tour in town, Mexico City has a lot more to offer, whatever your interests. Here are seven more insightful and educational tours:

1. Culinary Tour of Polanco

Polanco's upscale neighborhood is a great district for dining. You can find everything from amazing street food to high-end, creative Mexico City staples. This three hour culinary tour is a super introduction to the neighborhood. In between munching on tacos, tucking into Oaxacan specialties and feasting on tortilla soup, you'll learn about the area's history and culture from your local guide. The tour is very helpful in providing you with a wide variety of foods.

Tours start at 1,590 MXN.

Order here!

2. Mexico City at Night

The Mexico City at Night tour is a two-hour stroll through the historic center's streets and stops to view the illuminated architecture while learning about the area's history and culture. Some popular sites you'll see at night include the Zócalo, the city's main cathedral, the Templo Mayor, and the Torre Latinoamericano, a 44-story skyscraper similar to Mexico City's version of the Empire State Building. This is a great tour to experience the city's nightly culinary scene.

The tour starts at 394 MXN.

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3. Volcano Hiking Tour

If you want to get out of town for the day, book a day trip to climb the volcano. You will be driven to La Joya where you will walk along the trails, learning about the flora and fauna of the area as you go. You'll even see the legendary Paso de Cortés, where Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes and his army passed by on their way to the Aztec city of Tenochititian in 1519. The tour lasts a full 11-12 hours.

The tour starts at 1180 MXN.

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4. Wrestling Tour

Lucha Libre is a term for professional wrestling in Latin America and, in this tour, you will learn all about this popular sport. The four hour experience begins with a two hour walking tour where your guide explains the lucha libre culture. After that, you'll spend a few hours at a real lucha libre event. During the game, you'll be drinking tequila and munching on chips and guacamole. And you will leave with your own lucha libre mask. It's one of my favorite experiences in the city.

Tours start at 1,590 MXN.

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5. Poray Street Art Bike Tour

This three hour guided tour takes you to parts of the city that are undetected to admire the best of the city's street art. You'll learn about the history of the street art scene, the political significance of much of the art, and discover neighborhoods you may not be used to. The tour also has several authentic street food stops so you can eat along the way. Street art is big here and this is the best way to see it.

The tour starts at 525 MXN.

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A large and sprawling city, Mexico City is an extraordinary destination that is truly just one of the world's new hotspots. Tourism here is growing rapidly.

Taking a tour will give you insider tips and give you a local perspective on the city's culture and people in a way that would not be possible if you were just sightseeing on your own.

And, while these are some of the top walking tour options in the city, for more, check out the marketplace online Get Your Guidewhere you can find and book tours offered by local operators.

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