Caught on camera: Portrait of beloved cat returning to Wicker Park, Chicago bar Revel Room after thieves were spotted on surveillance video

Monday, May 22, 2023 03:30

CHICAGO (WLS) — The “cat-atrophic” mystery was solved Sunday night for the popular Wicker Park bar.

A thief returned a portrait of his beloved cat after he was caught on camera taking it from the wall of the Revel Room this weekend.

The man who took the painting apologized, and the employee said they had no plans to press charges. They are just grateful to have their priceless paintings back.

“The first thing that greets you when you walk in,” says Conor Hutchinson, a bartender. “We get offers – maybe a few times a month – for people to try to buy it, and the answer is a hard ‘no.' We can't give up, but you are welcome to come back and admire it.”

The cat painting, which has no name, has been in the bar since it opened more than 10 years ago.

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