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Wednesday, July 5 2023 10:20

5 homes, 3 garages damaged in fire near Midway

CHICAGO (WLS) — Several homes were damaged and a garage destroyed in the fire near Midway Airport early Wednesday, the Chicago Fire Department said.

Neighbors said they rushed out of their homes as the fire spread. Five houses and three garages burned down.

The fire occurred near 64th Place and Menard Avenue, just a few blocks from Midway Airport.

Most of the affected homes suffered exterior damage and at least two garages were burnt to the ground.

A neighbor shared some cellphone videos showing the blaze. Nearby residents said the fireworks went off just before this fire started.

It's not clear if that's what started the fire.

“To be honest, we were half asleep,” said neighbor Erica Chagolla. “Heard banging, people banging, people coming out of their house, there was a fire. We ran out of the house. At this point, we're not sure what happened. Apparently, it affected about three or four houses.”

Firefighters continue to investigate the cause. There are no reports of injuries.

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