Chicago missing person: Chicago police descend on Logan Square home looking for Brittany Battaglia, 33, missing since Friday

CHICAGO (WLS) — Nearly a dozen detectives and investigators descended on the two Logan Square flats at dusk on Monday night.

Crime scene footage makes it clear that the house is the center of an active investigation. Police had been in and out of the building for several hours Monday night.

Brittany Battaglia's family and roommates said home was the last place she was seen on Friday nights. They said he was going there to see his girlfriend.

“He told me he would go there, cook for him, make sure he eats something, drink water. He would come back home to get ready for his mum's birthday party,” said Quamieshia Greathouse, Brittany's roommate and best friend.

That was the last time Quamieshia heard from 33-year-old Brittany. Around the same time on Friday night, Brittany's brother, AJ Battaglia, noticed something strange.

“We noticed the location is off, it's no longer being shared with us like it used to be,” said AJ.

As the weekend passed, hours of unusual radio silence.

“Unlike Brittany who is not communicative. She lives on her cellphone,” said AJ.

Battaglia was supposed to leave for a work trip Monday morning.

“I'm still waiting for proof that he has at least come home, started packing, preparing for the trip, and nothing,” Quamieshia said.

On Sunday night, his roommates panicked and called the Battaglias. They drove through the night from northwest Illinois.

“I wouldn't have gone to the police department in the middle of the night to fill out a police report if I didn't think she was in any danger,” said AJ. “Something happened to him. That's all I know.”

Brittany's friends and family say her boyfriend, who is a relatively new addition to her life, has been acting unstable lately. Her brother said he contacted her Sunday night, but he was of no help.

AJ says Brittany's phone stopped ringing on Monday. Quamieshia said her roommate's car, which had been parked a few blocks from the house, in front of her apartment, disappeared on Saturday night.

The family said they were in close contact with the detectives, and they were still hoping for positive news.

Police said Battaglia lived in the 1900 block of North Kimball Ave, in the city's Logan Square neighborhood.

Battaglia is described as a 33-year-old white woman, 5 foot 2 and 180 pounds, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Police say he may have been in his vehicle, which was a 2013 blue Mazda with Illinois DS15953 license plate.

If you have information on his whereabouts, call Area Five detectives at 312-746-6554.