Cubs division winner, White Sox?  And what's next for Victor Wembanyama?

The Reds can't lose. Pirates can't win. The Brewers can't really put it together, and the Cardinals definitely can't. His children? They are definitely playing their way back into the division mix.

In this week's “Polling Stations,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we want to know your picks to win National League Central.

“Having Joey Votto back means a lot to the Reds,” commented @00723maui.

We asked the same question about American League Central, where it seems that neither team is good enough to eliminate the other now, next week or ever. That at least begins to explain why the White Sox can continue to show up to the ballpark and act like their game matters.

“Guardians or Twins,” @JBIRD1268 offered.

Finally, we asked about NBA super prospect Victor Wembanyama, the No. 1 overall draft pick. 1 which is no doubt taken Thursday by the Spurs. How great will this kid be?

“Probably more Ralph Sampson than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,” predicts @RonaldVoigt4.

To the poll:

Poll No. 1: Who will win the National League Center division?

Results: The Cubs arriving in London for a two-game series against the Cardinals have established themselves – thanks to a 10-2 stretch – as a team to be taken seriously, at least by subpar divisional standards. Their starting pitch was amazing. The bats have come. Kyle Hendricks' return, which has been successful so far, has boosted the Cubs' spirits. Why not them? Sure, it can happen.

Poll No. 2: Who will win the American League Central division?

Results: Since going down at 7-21, the Sox have been neither good nor bad. Coincidentally, neither good nor bad is needed to stay afloat in the worst division on the planet. So the Sox did it for them, which is great. And kinda sad. The vote says the Twins, for what it's worth. A friendly reporter lends his voice to the Guardians, a nod to the extraordinary manager Terry Francona.

Poll No. 3: How great will 7-4 Frenchman Victor Wembanyama – the most passionate NBA prospect since LeBron James – be?

Results: “Wemby,” as he is known around the world, has the grip, fire, vision, intelligence, maturity — and of course the height — to become a superstar unlike anyone we have ever seen, and that is just the beginning. At least, that's what we believe the analysts in TV and the young inexperienced fans in our lives who think anyone who played before the era of high definition television is trash. Guess we'll see.