Cubs fan wears Kim Mulkey's fur coat to Wrigley Field after losing a Twitter bet

Be careful when you bet. It may come true.

A Cubs fan wore Kim Mulkey's fur coat to Wrigley Field after he bet on Twitter that he would wear it if his post got 5,000 likes.

Local sports radio host Austin Huff wore the jacket to Wrigley Field for Saturday's game against the Los Angeles Dodgers along with a T-shirt that read, “I tweeted something stupid and now I'm paying for it.” The Cubs posted a photo of him in the jacket on their Instagram page and had him do the “I feel bonita” part of “Family Guy”.

“I can't make this up – like this is the weirdest, wildest story I could ever imagine,” Huff told New Orleans news network WWL. “I never would have guessed it had led us to this.”

At the game, Huff interviewed Martha Gottwald, the designer who created the jacket as a one-of-one piece from her brand Neubyrne.

“It literally turned my phone off,” he said of the popularity of the Mulkey jacket.

Gottwald describes how he decided to gift Huff a $4,000 jacket after learning about the bet.

“This is what I prefer to use it for,” he says. “What is this going to do, gather dust in my studio? … This is everything.”

Huff made position on March 24, the day Mulkey and the LSU Tigers played the Sweet 16 en route to winning a national championship and the coach went viral for his flamingo-like jacket.

“If this tweet gets 5,000 likes I will find this jacket, buy it, and wear it to a Cubs game,” he wrote with a picture of Mulkey on the sidelines with the pink fur fluttering.

The post got 5,000 likes overnight (it now has a total of 18,000 likes) and he set to work fulfilling his promise.

“I legitimately did it as a joke because I thought… the visual of me sitting at Wrigley in this jacket is funny in and of itself,” he said. “Apparently so did 18,000 other people because they liked the tweet.”

She shared the whole process with her social media audience, even posting an unboxing video of when she received the exact same jacket that Mulkey was wearing.

The Cubs lost to the Dodgers 9-4, but they had the best of laughs over old-fashioned sports betting.