Evergreen Park shooting: Armoni Henry was charged after Mariano employee Jailene Flores was shot dead

EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (WLS) — A Chicago man has been charged with shooting dead an employee at an Evergreen Park store on Thursday, police said.

Evergreen Park Police said Friday Armoni Henry, 21, of Chicago had been charged with first degree murder.

Police say the shooting occurred around 9:12 a.m. at Evergreen Park Mariano's on 95th Street.

The video in this story is from a previous report

Officers arrived at the scene and found Jailene Flores, 21, in a shed behind the shop with multiple gunshot wounds, police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dorian Johnson had just pulled into the parking lot when he saw customers running out of the store.

“I was sitting down, I was going to get in and the next thing you know, everyone in the parking lot was freaking out,” Johnson said. “The only thing stopping me is I'm on the phone, so I'm going in. The woman next to me, she just walked in, and that's bad.”

Police say video from inside the store shows the suspect following a 21-year-old woman into the store before he allegedly shot her in a back storage room.

“I've seen this a lot. I shop here a lot so it's kind of sad,” says Johnson.

The customer was inside when the shots rang out, but no one else was hurt.

After shooting, the suspect left in his vehicle. Within an hour, police said they were able to track down the suspect. Chopper 7HD was on the scene in the 1400 W. Thorndale Avenue block when authorities arrested him in a red Ford Focus.

“This victim was a former employee at the Amazon store in Oak Lawn, and had left there. An incident occurred there with this person, the suspect, and left the store and started working here,” said Evergreen Park Police Chief Michael Saunders. “Chicago Police, within an hour, via their camera system, were able to make an arrest north of here, with the suspect in his car, with a firearm, and he is in custody now.”

Police tweeted that they believed the shooting was related to a domestic situation, and that there was no threat to the public.

Meanwhile, shops in and around Mariano have been closed while police investigate.