Find a matching pair of barn horns

Adam Thorsondirector of parks and recreation for Peru, found this pair of matching horns up to 8 points thick last week in Grundy County.

It was emailed by his father Rod Thorsontalk show host featured in “The Murders at Starved Rock.”

The white-tailed deer sheds its antlers every year. In Illinois, the fallhorn bell curve peaks in mid-February. But I'm still taking submissions for Shed of the Week in early April.

SOTW, the celebration of the antlers found around Chicago outdoors, takes place when appropriate, either on Wednesdays in the Sun-Times newspaper or in the special two-page outdoor section of Sun-Times Sports Saturday. Post online here at on varying days of the week, depending on what's going on in the wide outside world.

To make a submission, email ( or call me at Facebook (Dale Bowman), Twitter (@BowmanOutside) or Instagram (@BowmanOutside).