Nomadic Matt reads his My Travel Journal

posted: 14/5/23 | May 14, 2023

One of the best souvenirs I have from my first trip around the world is the journal I kept for those 18 months. Having captured my thoughts and feelings while traveling has allowed me to relive the journey over and over in the years since.

Memories fade, so being able to relive events as they happened is priceless. To be reminded of the people I met, the places I saw, and the things I felt? Seeing my journey through the eyes of my younger self makes journaling a joy. My younger wise!

While we capture our journey on social media, journaling allows you to be more personal and honest. After all, unlike social media, you're (probably) the only one who will be reading it. Long posts also allow you to go deeper and are much easier to look at in the future (you don't have to scroll endlessly).

That's why, last year, we created My Travel Journal — because I think more travelers should spend time journaling as they explore.

A printing snafu means that our first edition was as thick as the Bible. (However, that one was—and still is—ideal for those living abroad or taking long trips, or those who like to illustrate their journals with postcards, train tickets, etc.)

But we went back to press, corrected the error, and now have the “correct” sized books – and I'm excited to announce today that they're finally on sale!

Various colorful travel journals

Our journal features guided clues to help you remember everything you experience on the road, as well as quotes to keep you inspired along the way. It also includes before and after trip sections, so you can set your intentions before actually recording your experience, and then reflect on it all.

Various colorful travel journals

The new edition has everything you need to record your trips:

  • It has guided prompts so you remember to write down all your important memories.
  • There's also blank space so you can let your mind run wild.
  • It has inspirational travel quotes to keep you inspired.
  • It's only as thick as Moleskine, so it's perfect for traveling.

Pile of travel journals on wooden table with cacti

We've designed the journal to be as simple and simple as possible so you can remember all those amazing moments. This will help you get into the habit of keeping a daily journal, too.

This journal retails for $24.99. It is 168 pages thick and weighs 0.75 lbs and is available in four colors:

Plus, all US customers get free domestic shipping! And we ship this book worldwide, so even if you're not based in the US, you can still have it shipped to you!

You can get either or both editions via our website here.

If you have any questions email me at

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