Glenbrook South High School canceled classes Friday after a small fire broke out at a lumber shop

Friday, May 5 2023 01.57

GLENVIEW, Pain (WLS) — There will be no school for Glenbrook South High School students Friday after a small fire broke out at a lumber shop.

The fire broke out towards the end of the school day and students were ordered to be evacuated outside.

There were no reports of injuries from the fire, but all school activities were canceled for the rest of the evening.

In a note to students and parents, school officials said classes were also canceled on Friday after the fire. The building remains closed and no one can take their belongings. Officials asked students not to come into the building as they would be turned away.

School officials also said no homework should be done until classes resume and AP exams will be rescheduled.

The school said the fire was accidental.

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