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Monday, April 24, 2023 10:44

Durbin called for new efforts to protect USPS mail carriers

CHICAGO (WLS) — Senator Dick Durbin will call Monday for renewed efforts to keep United States Postal Service mail carriers safe after several of them were mugged on their route.

Concerns for the safety of postal workers are increasing. There has been a recent increase in armed robberies of mail carriers, with hundreds of incidents occurring in recent years.

Last year, Senator Durbin urged the post office to pay attention to the safety of mail carriers, but little has changed.

Chicago Police warns of armed thieves targeting postal operators across the city

In February this year, he even met with the National Association of Letter Carriers to look at ways to improve safety. Many operators even spoke of their fear of going to work and being robbed.

A US Postal Service postal operator is robbed at gunpoint in Westchester

Senator Durbin plans to ask Justice Department and USPS officials to take action and protect these workers.

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