Melanie Gibb's testimony: Friends testify about mother Lori Vallow Daybell's extreme religious beliefs accused of being a 'doomsday cult'

BOISE, Idaho — New testimony from a key witness in the trial of Lori Vallow Daybell, the Idaho mother accused of killing her two children as part of a “doomsday” religious cult with her husband, Chad.

In court Thursday, Vallow's former best friend, Melanie Gibb, testified about the defendant's mother and Chad's extreme religious beliefs.

“She has shared with me that she told him they had married another time,” Gibb said.

Gibb said Vallow believed his children were “zombies” and that his son, “JJ”, was possessed by an evil spirit.

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“He told me he was going to climb the fridge and get on top of the cupboards and he was acting more aggressive,” Gibb said.

Prosecutors also played back a phone call that Gibb recorded, in which Gibb can be heard asking the couple about JJ's whereabouts.

“Where is he? I asked him where he is,” Gibb said when contacted.

“I know everything – where is JJ now. And it's not good for JJ,” Vallow replied.

The children's bodies were found on the Chad property months after they went missing.

During cross-examination, Gibb tried to distance himself from the notion of a “zombie”, as the defense questioned his own religious beliefs.

“You were involved in some exorcisms and, and demons with Lori, weren't you,” asked Vallow Daybell's defense attorney, John Thomas.

“That's right,” Gibb replied.

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“Okay, and as long as you do this casting or, or evil spirit casting? Do you ever feel like this is the wrong thing to do,” said Thomas.

“It felt very unusual. To me it was very innocent,” said Gibb.

Gibb testified that Vallow told him that he and Chad believed their partner would die and then he and Chad could be together.

The couple also face charges for the murder of Chad's ex-wife Tammy.

Vallow also faces charges over her husband's death in Arizona.

The trial is expected to last 8-10 weeks. She and Chad plead not guilty.