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ByABC7 Chicago Digital Team

Thursday, 22 June 2023 03:33

Metra is proposing changes to the main tariff structure for 2024

CHICAGO (WLS) — Metra is seeking public comment on its proposal to make some major changes to their rates.

The proposal will create a simplified fare system for Metra riders. Commuter trains currently have a 10-zone fare system, and the price of some tickets is based on the number of zones traversed. In the new proposal, there are only four tariff zones. Downtown stations will be in Zone 1, and stations located outside will be in Zones 2 to 4 based on their proximity to the city center, service patterns, and passenger characteristics on each line.

A one-way ticket to Zone 1 costs between $3.75 and $6.75 depending on your zone. All one-way tickets that do not include downtown as the starting or ending point will be $3.75 regardless of distance.

A day pass costs twice as much as a one-way ticket and is valid for unlimited travel in one day in the selected zone. The 10-trip ticket will be replaced by a five-day ticket package, which will only be available on the Ventra app.

Monthly passes will cost 20 times the price of a one-way ticket: $75 for Zone 2, $110 for Zone 3, and $135 for Zone 4.

The $6 and $10 day passes and the $100 “Super Save” monthly pass, all introduced during the pandemic promotions, will be discontinued.

Approximately 50% fare reductions for seniors, K-12 students, and active duty military will be available on one-way tickets, day passes, day ticket bundles, and monthly passes.

There will be no change to the Regional Connect Pass for $30 for CTA and Pace fares for monthly ticket buyers, and Metra will continue to sell Saturday, Sunday or Holiday Tickets for $7 as well as Weekend Tickets for $10 only on the Ventra app.

More information about the proposed changes and steps for providing feedback can be found at Metra 2024 Tariff Plan website.

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