Missing man in Houston found: Rudolph 'Rudy' Farias reportedly told mother of Houston activist who drugged and sexually abused him

HOUSTON — The 25-year-old man in Texas who was found alive eight years after he was reported missing had been sexually abused and drugged by his mother for years, according to a community activist who spoke to him on Wednesday.

Rudy Farias was found outside a Houston church last week after his mother reported him missing in 2015. Farias was 17 when his mother said he had never come home from walking his dog.

Houston Police Department Missing Persons Unit investigators spoke with Farias and his mother on Wednesday, though details of that conversation have not been released.

Quanell X, a well-known community activist in Houston, said Farias told him she was sexually abused and heavily drugged by her mother for years.

“I have never heard of a mother doing to a child the way this woman did,” she said. “The boy needs to go to the best drug rehab and the best mental health and psychological facility we can find for him. He's a good kid. The kid was just violently abused.”

Quanell said Farias told him he ran away in 2015 but returned two days later. Farias reportedly told Quanell that his mother threatened him, saying he would get in trouble with the police if he said anything.

Farias claims he has not been allowed to leave the house for the past eight years, according to Quanell. When asked why he didn't leave, Quanell explained that Farias told him his mother would give him drugs and said he was afraid to go to the police.

“He convinced her that he was in trouble for initially running away and that law enforcement wanted to catch him and jail him for running away,” Quanell said. “He had convinced her that all kinds of agencies were looking for her to put her in jail.”

Farias eventually had enough and wanted his mother to respect his boundaries, according to Quanell. The man reportedly took his mother's credit card and left.

Police later found him at a church in Houston on Thursday.

“She said she was tired of him not respecting her boundaries and she wanted her own life,” said Quanell. “Her exact words were, ‘I'm tired of living like a slave.'”

ABC13, an ABC affiliate station in Houston, arrested them at a hotel north of Houston after interviewing police.

ABC13 is waiting to hear from investigators to learn more about what came to light during that conversation.

In a tweet, police said detectives were not in a position to discuss specifics or comment on whether the published allegations were factual.

Meanwhile, neighbors claim they never knew Farias was reported missing, saying they would see him.

Civil court records obtained by ABC13 reveal his mother lived on the same street northeast of Houston.

“He used to come to my garage chilling with my cousins ​​and son and daughter,” says Kisha Ross. “That child was never lost.”

The Texas Center for Missing shared the following statement on behalf of the family when Farias was found:

“We want to thank the media and the public for all the support. My son Rudy Farias IV was found on Thursday, June 29, after being missing for eight years. At this time, we have no additional information about Rudy's case. What we do know is during his recovery, a good Samaritan found him unresponsive and immediately called the police and 911. My son Rudy is receiving the treatment he needs to deal with his trauma, but at this time, he is nonverbal and unable to communicate with us. We ask for privacy during this difficult time but will share more details as Rudy continues to recover.”

The head of the Houston Fire Department told ABC13 that Farias refused to be transported by ambulance, which was signed by his mother, and he was left in the care of his family.

Farias' mother shared a photo with ABC13, claiming she took her son to the hospital.

At that time, the mother believed that her son had been beaten, abused, and kidnapped for years. Another neighbor said he saw Farias living in his mother's house for years.

“I was surprised someone here was missing, and we saw him,” he said. “This shocked everyone.”

At the time Farias disappeared, his mother told officials he had been suffering from depression and PTSD since his brother died in a motorbike accident in 2011, something neighbors said he would talk about.

“He said he lost his brother in a motorcycle accident,” Ross said. “I know when he thinks of his brother he will not come for a walk; he will go and sit back in the woods alone.”‘

On Tuesday, ABC13 spoke to Farias' mother outside her home.

She did not want to appear on camera but claimed the man she had spent time with and was seen living with was her nephew.

He shared the photo, but neighbors disputed the claim, saying the person in the photo was not him. Now, they were trying to understand why one of them said Farias had gone missing.

“I don't know. That's what I've been trying to figure out all day,” Ross said. “I'm confused now. I'm like, ‘What's going on?'”

According to the Houston Police Department, a family member called them in 2018 and said Farias was living behind a relative's house, but when police came out, they couldn't find him.