New and Noteworthy: What I'm Reading This Week—Edition 212

Research of the Week

Afternoon workouts are probably the most effective.

That oldest known equestrian identified so far.

Parasitic infection is still common in America.

The older you are, the more more steps you need (and benefit from).

ancient DNA make pictures Prehistoric Europe is a little clearer.

The New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primitive Health Trainer Radio: Closing Your Client Intention-Behavior Gap with Monica Reinagel

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Can You Avoid Cancer?

Media, Schmedia

Kids will eventually get tired of cake and turn to fruit and vegetables, recommend new WSJ article.

Erythritol has some issues on its hands.

Interesting Blog Post

What did we go wrong on microbiome research.

owned by Robb Wolf take in the erythritol study.

Social Records

A announcement.


Good summary of EVOO versus regular olive oil.

The healthy items on the Whole Foods listicle have several quality choice.

Things I Do and Interested in

More obesity drugs: The newest ones inhibit or activate new receptor sites, but they're not really sure how it works. It will swim.

Interesting blogs: When stopping alcohol.

I'll try this: Wine mixed with milk.

Strange: AI forms images after reading brain scans (should).

Interesting hypothesis: The male testosterone level drops because we stop doing physical work?

Questions I Ask

What does everyone agree with that you disagree with?

Recipe Corner

Time capsule

One year ago (25 Feb – 3 Mar)

Comment of the Week

“What do I believe that most people don't? I believe in ghosts. Ghost followers make up only 45% of the US population. I never believed in them myself until we bought a 200 year old New England farmhouse and lived there for 9 years. It's a harmless ghost even if it's a bit mischievous.”


Keto Meal Plan

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