New and Noteworthy: What I'm Reading This Week—Edition 212

Research of the Week

Consume chili related gastric cancer is more common in North America, Africa, and Asia but less stomach cancer in South America and Europe.

It seems as if Nitrate-free salami is feasible and safe.

How “healthy diet for the world” is proposed fail.

more yogurt, live longer.

Caffeine works even if you get used to it therefore.

The New Primal Kitchen Podcast

Primitive Health Trainer Radio: Getting Legal Peace with Maria Spear Ollis

Primal Kitchen Podcast: Food as Medicine

Media, Schmedia

Vice includes carnivores.

Guess that about that time Again.

Interesting Blog Post

How insulin resistance causes obesity?

Evidence against an ice age civilization.

Social Records

I took the study of erythritol.


Nitrate for power output.

I have tutors.

Things I Do and Interested in

Really expected: Elite soccer players sharing a room playing worse than those who sleep alone.

Interesting thread: On LDL and inflammation.

Not surprised: Crickets have a lot of protein but are not as filling as beef.

Reminder: Tomatoes are an internal sunscreen.

He's just like me: Prince Louis wants to play in the garden every day.

Questions I Ask

Have you had more sun resistance since using Primal?

Recipe Corner

Time capsule

One year ago (4 Mar – 10 Mar)

  • 6 Surprising Signs of Perimenopause and Menopause—What to look out for.
  • Embrace the Heat—How and why to do it.

Comment of the Week

“I wonder if the massive demand for students in STEM fields has led to a decrease in academic rigor. More students means more research, which leaves universities with relatively fewer/less qualified reviewers to oversee and solve problems.

Plus, there is little short-term incentive for universities to expel paying students. In the long term, allowing substandard students to succeed only hurts science – but today's academics are highly compartmentalized and ethics is as far removed from STEM as any discipline.

I'm not saying that STEM professionals are any less ethical than others; it's just that ethics have become a checklist of laws rather than actual moral principles. Undoubtedly, there are truly ethical professionals out there who remain uncompromising in their standards; I'm just worried they're academically on par with the northern white rhino – old and infertile, just waiting to see which breed they once were proud of.”

-Won't be the first time.

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