Police Niles is looking for a lone cow after a Northridge Preparatory School senior prank

Bovine was captured on video by WBBM's Roger Plummer

Thursday, April 27 2023 14:28

NILES, Ill. (WLS) — Police Niles was looking for a cow last Thursday morning, after a senior prank at a local high school.

Police said they responded to the 8300 block of Ballard Road, which is near Northridge Preparatory School, just before 3am to report a suspicious subject in the area.

Several Northridge students in the area carried out a senior prank, which involved bringing live animals to the school, police said.

A cow escaped during the incident and went into the local neighbourhood, according to police.

A spokesperson for Northridge Prep provided a photo of the pen where the cow escaped.

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WBBM's Roger Plummer posted the video to Facebook just after 6 a.m., saying “I got home tired from work at 5:45 and then I wondered if I was dreaming!” with a cow emoji.

The video shows about five people chasing a small brown cow through a residential area.

Niles Police and other law enforcement agencies are working with representatives from Wagner Farms to apprehend the cow.

Just before 9:15am, Chopper7HD showed up to arrest several men who grabbed the cow and forced it into the trailer.

Residents were encouraged to avoid the area until the cow was caught, police said.

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