Police respond to goats: Enid, Oklahoma, officers rush to 'person' crying for help, find screaming animal

The goat “has been separated from one of her friends.”

Thursday, May 11, 2023 16:34

ENID, OK. — Oklahoma police officers who rushed to the scene of the “person” crying for help were left laughing out loud after they discovered that the person crying for help was actually a “very upset goat” who had been separated from a friend, police said.

Officers David Sneed and Neal Storey of the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma initially received reports from concerned members of the public that someone could be heard screaming for help in the area.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers heard the same faint screams of someone screaming in the distance.

“I think it's a person. It's a person,” said Officer David Sneed as he started running towards a distinct “cry of ‘help'.”

Body camera footage released by the Enid Police Department on social media shows the officers running to the screams for help only to realize they had made a “baaad” mistake.

“Running towards the sound, the two soon found their girl in distress was a very upset goat who, explained the farmer, had been separated from one of his friends,” the Enid Police Department said.

“I don't know if it's an animal or a human,” said one of the officers as he approached the farmer and started laughing at his confusion. “But, of course, we were walking over here and I was like ‘that's a person.' From far away it sounded like ‘help!'”

“Thank you gentlemen. Your quick (although ultimately unnecessary) action was appreciated by all of us,” said Police Enid. “Overall, you really can't say that it's a baaad call.”

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