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SAN FRANCISCO — The investigation continues this weekend into the Friday night shooting in San Francisco that left nine people injured in the Mission District.

“Currently we can confirm that there were nine victims who were hit by gun shots. They are also thought to be safe,” Officer Eve Laokwansathitaya said Friday evening at the scene. He is a spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department.

There was additional police on scene in the neighborhood on Saturday.

Residents said the block party brought large crowds to the intersection of 24th and Treat streets. Then around 9pm, there were reports of gun shots.

“We heard a lot of gun shots. And then, we saw a lot of police cars rolling down the street. Maybe around 25,” explained Iswari Espana, who has lived in the neighborhood for the last 20 years.

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He said he was relieved that no one was killed. He admitted, there was a sense of uncertainty when he took a walk last Saturday. But he stressed, that the environment is safe.

“It's a really peaceful environment. We haven't experienced anything like that in a long time, so it's really interesting to hear something like that,” he said.

Police identified nine victims aged between 23 and 35 – mostly men.

Mayor London Breed said there needed to be accountability.

“Nine people. That's a lot, of course. And I think, you know, what we're seeing in San Francisco when we look at our data, a lot of violent crime, we've seen the numbers drop dramatically. So it's really heartbreaking and challenging not only for the Mission Community but for our city as a whole,” Breed said.

San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott also responded via Twitter on Saturday, writing:

This kind of violence on our streets is unacceptable. People should feel safe going out in San Francisco without fear of falling victim to gun violence. Investigators are working diligently, and we will have a visible police presence in the community where this incident occurred.”

ORIGINAL REPORT: At least 5 people were injured in the San Francisco Mission District shooting, city officials said

Bay Area congresswoman Nancy Pelosi wrote:

San Franciscans pray for those injured in last night's horrific shooting at the Mission & their loved ones.

Thanks to our first responders & medical professionals, no lives were lost.

The investigation continues, but we know this: we must end the scourge of gun violence.”

Andy Lambert was out for live music at the Mission on a Saturday afternoon. He wasn't worried about security issues in San Francisco. But he worries about shootings across the country.

“This isn't something that's unique to any particular pocket of the country. It's everywhere. It's very concerning,” Lambert said.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call the SFPD at 415-575-4444 or text Tip to TIP411.

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