Russia Attacks Kyiv, Kills 3 In Another Morning Assault

Russia targeted the Ukrainian capital Kyiv again in the early hours of Thursday, with air raid sirens warning residents to take cover and loud blasts from air defense systems heard across the city.

Mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, he said on the Telegram messaging app that according to initial information from emergency medics, three people have died, two of them children, and at least 14 people were injured, possibly due to falling debris when air defense systems shot down the incoming drone.

Of the injured, nine were hospitalized, the mayor added.

It was another night as explosions in various parts of the city of 3.6 million people jolted them out of bed and sent them scrambling for shelter.

While Kyiv has been under attack since the first days of the war, the speed and intensity of the attacks over the past month has shocked even civilians who are now accustomed to spending hours in bomb shelters and sleepless nights huddled in the corridors. And Thursday's strike seems to point to the same in June.

Sunday started with a rare daylight attack on the capital, with missiles roaring into Kyiv shortly after 11​​am Monday. All of them were intercepted by air defense systems, but debris caused fires and other damage.

Russia has altered the timing of its bombing, the combination of weapons used and the trajectories of the missiles and drones, lately flying them low along riverbeds and through valleys to avoid detection, Ukrainian officials said.

Marc Santora And Victoria Kim reporting contribution.