Schaumburg fire today: Firefighters, police officers among 6 people hospitalized after fire at West Wise Road senior housing

Residents in 20 units have been evacuated

Saturday, July 15 2023 12:21

SCHAUMBURG, Ill. (WLS) — A firefighter and a police officer were among six people hospitalized after a large blaze broke out in a senior housing complex in the northern suburbs, officials said.

A firefighter, a policeman and four residents were hospitalized for smoke inhalation and are in good condition. Residents in 20 units have been evacuated.

Chopper 7HD is above the site in the 100 block of West Wise Road, where Schaumburg firefighters are battling the blaze.

Firefighters were seen using ladders to help people down from the top floor of the Emerald Village's 97-unit building. Being a senior residential building, some residents have mobility issues.

A resident told about efforts to evacuate the elderly.

“The police came, and said we had to evacuate, so I put on a walker, and they helped me to the fire, and then they said someone in the hall needed help, so they all ran over there. Another cop on the stairs helped me down, and they kicked me out right away,” said Audrey Gallagher.

Evacuated seniors are gathered outside the building on a warm day. They were given water to cool off.

Westbound Wise Road is temporarily closed on Roselle Road, and the fire has been extinguished.

A reunification center has been set up at Frost Junior High School, officials said.

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