It's time to move! Whether you're couch surfing or chilling at a resort, no outing is complete without the right pair of sunglasses. Get the best sunglasses from Warby Parker to help you define your next destination (and pack the ideal vibes for your next getaway)! Continue reading to discover the essential features that travel sunglasses must have.

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

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Essential Features for Travel Glasses

1) Quantity

Quantity is always below quality. The use of low-quality materials can give momentary pleasure. However, to look stylish and keep your eyes healthy, you should wear high-quality glasses.

When you're out on the street or near water, you need polarized lenses to protect your eyes from the omnipresent glare. Light travels horizontally, and scattered reflected light creates glare, which reduces the visibility of nearby objects. Your savior is sunglasses with polarized lenses as the filters in these lenses prevent horizontal glare. It also relieves eye fatigue and migraines and improves your vision without requiring you to squint.

2) UV protection

Whether you're vacationing in the Caribbean, desert, or snow-capped mountains, the sun's UVA and UVB radiation can pose a threat. We all love building snowmen and throwing snowballs, but how many of us realize that snow has excellent reflective properties and UV rays are eight times more damaging in snowy areas? Therefore, a premium coating on the lens to block UVA/UVB is essential.

Posing for photos, looking ravishing, and letting your strands fly while wearing sunglasses have always been a part of a travel diary. And your sunglasses should enhance your appearance. You can buy it from Warby Parker. Why, then, should you continue to wear the same sunglasses you've had for years when every summer a new pair of stylish sunglasses goes on sale? Let your glasses set the tone.

3) Coverage

Stylish sunglasses are a must, but should provide optimal protection for the eyes and the surrounding area. This is another reason why celebrities wear oversized frames and why so many travelers post photos of themselves wearing sunglasses that fit well and protect their eyes enough.

The Most Durable Travel Glasses

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Unsplash

To beat the heat, sprinkle ice over your eyes wearing confidence-inducing glasses. There are several sunglasses designed specifically for travelers that give them an advantage over others when engaging in certain activities, such as:

If you plan to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, motorcycling or fishing, you should wear browline glasses. These sunglasses are fashionable and sleek and provide complete protection so that no insect can enter the wearer's eyes when moving fast. Since safety is always the most important thing, sunglasses with larger lenses are always a good choice for outdoor activities. Plus, sunglasses are essential for long trips, so buy them from Warby Parker location.

1) Traveler's Sunglasses:

Timeless style never fails to influence fashion. Always assumes a different persona. Therefore, the impressive traveler is an excellent choice for canoeing, trekking and mountain climbing. There are so many hybrid styles and prints for the traveler to make your face look more photogenic. Therefore, when fashion and safety go hand in hand. Step outside and appreciate your break.

2) Cat Eye Sunglasses

Contemplating a beachy-peachy look? These micro cat-eye glasses are available for tourists. Especially for women, this is the newest pattern in town. Micro cat-eye provides complete eye coverage and is a best-seller in terms of elegant fashion. Men can choose round frames as beach wear to emphasize drama and personality. And prints, such as tortoiseshell, marble and mirror lenses, make for a trendy style.

Over time, sunglasses were no longer just an accessory for the rich. However, the masses are spending so much money on sunglasses.

Sunglasses for travelers can be obtained without spending a lot of money. These sunglasses can save you a lot of trouble, incl.

In addition to sunburn on the epidermis, the eyes also suffer from sun damage. The sun can harm your eyes, even on cloudy or foggy days. Sun exposure can cause eye injury. The eyes are affected by light scattering, cloud reflections, and UVA/UVB radiation, which can cause macular degeneration, precocious presbyopia, and cataracts. Even when you're not facing the sun, sunlight can still cause damage. Therefore, glasses are always needed.

3) Snow Blindness

Snow reflects more light than any other source in the environment. Due to excessive sun exposure, there is a risk of snow blindness when your eyes are constantly exposed to snow reflections.

4) Big Angle Glasses

Big and edgy glasses are one of the most popular fashion trends overseas. Because of the ornate, large frame, and eye-catching design, this is the case. These glasses aren't for conservative fashion, but they can be a go-to for someone looking to make a statement on a summer vacation.

5) Amazing Retro Glasses

With the trend of classic glasses on the runway, it's only natural for retro glasses to make a comeback. They are too big and stand out in a crowd, earning them the nickname “bug glasses”. Glasses, inspired by the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, are a great choice for women who want to perfectly complement their ensemble. Since glasses take up half of the face, it's important to choose colors that complement a variety of holiday outfits and stock up on a wide variety of styles Warby Parker.