Six Conclusions From Trump's New Financial Disclosures

Separately, the report indicated that Trump raised “more than $5 million” through CIC Ventures Inc., an unrelated but similarly named company formed in 2021. (“CIC” stands for commander-in-chief.) The earnings were described as for lectures. , which likely includes campaign-style events he organized prior to becoming an official nominee last November.

Since leaving office, Trump has paid off six outstanding loans, including those valued at more than $50 million at Trump Tower in New York and Trump Doral, a golf club outside Miami that has become his family company's biggest revenue-generating property. .

He also took out a new loan, both from Axos Bank and totaling more than $50 million each, in the Trump Tower and Doral properties.

He also paid off more than $50 million in loans at the Trump Old Post Office, the Washington hotel he sold last year. Most of the loans he received from Deutsche Bank, which once amounted to more than $295 million, have now been repaid, leaving only about $45 million still owed to the bank, which was once Trump's main lender.

In total, Trump has more than $200 million in debt.

The financial disclosures show the first payment to Trump for a new deal backed by a Saudi Arabia-based real estate investment firm to build a new golf and hotel complex in Oman. The payments so far have been recorded as being worth just over $5 million.

The project is slated to be built in Muscat, Oman, on a hillside adjacent to the Gulf of Oman, and will include a golf resort, villas and two hotels, a company executive said.

The Trump family works with Dar Al Arkan, one of the largest real estate companies in Saudi Arabia, for the project. The government of Oman owns the land, which means Mr. Trump is now basically in a business deal with the government there.