Storyteller Spotlight: Artists Tobe and Fat Nwigne reinforce the importance of multicultural storytelling through music in film

In honor of Black Music Month, Tobe Nwigwe signed to the “On the Red Carpet” Storyteller Spotlight.

From Houston, Texas, Nwigne is a multi-talented artist, actor and singer.

“The thing about music that makes artist's storytelling so unique is that it is the most powerful tool on planet earth,” said Nwigne. “What inspired me to become a storyteller was the void I saw and the content industry I produced.”

Since childhood, Nwigne loved music, but did not think that it would be his calling. He also likes sports. He played soccer, but once he stopped playing the sport, Nwigne began to develop his music career.

Over the years, Nwigne has been inspired by artists such as Biggie Smalls, Lauryn Hill, Bob Marley and many others. He believes music is the most powerful means of inspiring others, especially motivating young people.

“I chose music and I applied everything I learned my whole life when I was young, exercise, which is discipline, perseverance, consistency, all those kinds of things to be able to do the things that I do musically,” Nwigne said. “I apply a lot of what I learned as a youth from my years of playing football to my orchestra. And they work together.”

The defining moment for Nwigne's career came when he was asked to be a part of the Black Panther series. In addition, his creative process is even more special because Nwigne is able to work with his wife, Fat Nwigne.

Their musical talents are showcased on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack.

“I can see and experience everything at the same time to help the ideas flow out of me and my wife,” says Nwigne.

“I think it's the actual rhythm of the music that makes it such a powerful and powerful form of storytelling,” says Fat Nwigne. “Once you get someone involved in those rhythms and patterns of music and they're enjoying it, then they can start listening to what you're actually saying and listening more closely because they already feel good from the actual music.”

This power couple is honored to be a part of the global cultural influence that comes from the Black Panther franchise.

“I truly feel Black Panther is one of the most important, monumental, and unique sparks to light a fire to bridge the gap between Black Americans and Africans on a true continent and bring them together,” Tobe said.

“I really feel called to show people that you don't have to operate the way the majority of the world operates. You can stand on principle, you can have a vision, you can stay true to it, and you can do it your own way. ,” said Toba.

“I think it's empowering to know like, where are you from,” said Fat Nwigne. “To know the riches and kingdoms from which we come. And I think the Black Panther provides such a gateway.”

Tobe Nwigne's message to everyone is one of encouragement.

“Leave nothing for tomorrow that can be done today. It's like living each day as if it could be your last because it just might.”

Watch the full story in the video above.

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