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The migrants, including 11 children, hail from countries including Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

Saturday, July 1 2023 23.41

The governor of Texas sent another bus of migrants to Los Angeles

ANGEL — Another bus carrying dozens of migrants arrived in Los Angeles, California, Saturday afternoon from Texas, the second in three weeks.

The bus carrying 41 migrants arrived in downtown Los Angeles at around 12:40 p.m

The migrants, including 11 children, came from eight different countries, including Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

“While we were not officially notified, the Mayor's Office became aware of the bus on Friday and mobilized – working with City Departments, County and a coalition of non-profit organizations, in addition to our religious partners, to implement the plans set out earlier this year,” read the statement. issued by LA Mayor Karen Bass spokesperson. “The City of Los Angeles believes in treating everyone with respect and dignity and will do so.”

The Coalition for the Humane Rights of Immigrants (CHIRLA) appeared on Saturday to offer assistance at receiving facilities where they receive water, food, clothing and health checks. They also have access to immigration legal assistance.

On June 14, 42 migrants were sent to LA by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said his state's border area was “overrun” with migrants and hinted that more transfers could follow.

“Small Texas border towns remain overwhelmed and overrun by thousands of people who illegally crossed into Texas from Mexico because of President Biden's refusal to secure the border,” Abbott said in a statement.

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