The man who shot the teenager outside the West Side library was held by a witness until the police arrived: prosecutors

A man accused of shooting two teenagers outside the West Garfield Park library last week is being held by witnesses until police arrive, according to court documents.

Adam Avizius, 37, of Brookfield, allegedly ran into a store after shooting the boys, ages 12 and 16, outside the Legler County Library Branch last Tuesday, Cook County prosecutors said in the documents.

He was beaten by the witnesses when officers came to arrest him, documents show.

Avizius appeared for a bail hearing on Friday for aggravated discharge of a firearms charge and was ordered to be held without bail by Judge Kelly Marie McCarthy, documents show.

Prosecutors said the shooting occurred Tuesday night outside the library in block 100 South Pulaski when Avizius started arguing with the 16-year-old boy. according to W.T.W.

When Avizius started going out with the woman he was with, the boy allegedly walked up and hit him several times, reports WTTW. Avizius then allegedly grabbed a gun and opened fire on the teenager, who by then had run into another group of teenagers near the library.

Avizius allegedly fired his gun five times, hitting children aged 16 and 12, who were spectators who had just left the library.

The 16-year-old was shot in the leg, and the 12-year-old was hit near the spine and was brought into the building by a security guard, police said.

The 12-year-old goes to the library most days after school to help with homework and participate in activities such as painting, his grandfather, Darnell Weatherspoon, told reporters last week.

The boy was still in pain and struggling to walk but was not paralyzed by the gunshots, Weatherspoon said Thursday.