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Tuesday, 20 June 2023 16:40

The plane made an emergency landing after the doors opened during flight

The grisly video shows the moment the plane's door opened during the flight over Brazil, causing the plane to make an emergency landing.

About 12 passengers and two pilots were on board when the terrifying mid-air scare occurred 25 minutes into the flight.

Flight EMB 110 took off from Sao Luís Airport and was carrying Brazilian singer band member Tierry, who was not on board.

Producer Renato Butica was by the open door and recorded video as the plane descended for an emergency landing. Passengers initially started screaming in fear, Butica said, before they calmed down.

The plane returns to the airport for an emergency landing.

Officials are investigating what caused the door to open.

Passengers and crew received medical assistance, but there were no serious injuries, the airport said.

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