Wing of United flight clip of a Delta plane at Boston Logan International Airport

The wing of a United Airlines flight clipped the tail of the Delta plane late Friday at Boston airport, federal aviation officials told CNN.

The incident occurred around 7:20 p.m. at Boston Logan International Airport when the United plane was taxiing onto the tarmac at the airport and clipped the tail of a Delta flight, the Federal Aviation Administration said. No injuries were reported.

Alex Wilson, who said he was on board the Delta waiting for takeoff, told CNN he felt the plane rocking back and forth for a few seconds.

“(It wasn't) immediately clear what caused it, even though it felt like a brief earthquake,” he told CNN.

Minutes later, Wilson said he saw an emergency vehicle outside his plane. Shortly thereafter, the pilot came through the intercom to inform the passengers that another plane had hit their rear tail.

The video Wilson shot from inside the plane shows several emergency trucks and personnel on board. In another video, a United Airlines plane bound for Newark is seen being towed.

Wilson said his Delta flight, which was bound for Detroit, was eventually towed back to its original gate.

“United's aircraft wing clipped the tail of another aircraft at Boston Logan International Airport,” United said in a statement. “Customers on United flights disembark normally at the gate, and we will rebook them onto other flights.”

Meanwhile, Delta apologized for the delay to customers.

“The aircraft came into contact with another aircraft while awaiting clearance to take off at Logan airfield,” Delta Air Lines said in a statement to CNN. “The Delta team is working to get customers to their final destination tonight, and we apologize for the delay.”

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