Yorkville teenager Kyle Munch signed with the Aurora College baseball team despite being born with a heart defect

YORKVILLE, Ill. (WLS) — A dream came true Wednesday for a Yorkville teen who has traveled enough.

Kyle Munch was born with a heart defect which led to several open heart surgeries and a long hospital stay growing up.

Now, he's doing what many say was impossible: signing up to play college baseball.

“He is a great example of never giving up,” said Kyle's father, Larry Munch.

“It's kind of taken the stress off my shoulders for the last four to five months, knowing I'm going to have another four years of coverage,” Kyle said.

The heart condition and the surgery required kept Kyle out for months.

In fact, he was almost ready to call it quits in his baseball career before mom convinced him to play another year.

“Mom talked him into giving it another year and seeing what happens because he had a few coaches over the years which we doubted but, like I said, he's in the business of proving people wrong and business is good,” said Larry. .

After proving mom is always right and proving doubters wrong, the Yorkville high school outfielder is now heading to Aurora College next year.

His heart condition is also much more under control now.

“I just learned to live with it,” Kyle said. “It doesn't really affect me. I don't think about it very much.”

Kyle also visualized his dream in 2018 when he hung out with the pros in Spring training, signing with the Chicago Cubs for a day at their facility in Arizona.

When asked if he ever thought it would be possible to play college baseball one day while visiting the Cubs, Kyle said, “Not then. Back then, I didn't think I was going to graduate high school.”

Due to the pandemic and Kyle's heart complications, this is actually his first full season in high school baseball — as a senior.

His coach says it's a credit to Kyle's work ethic and shows how much work he puts into making it happen.

“I think Kyle is the driving force. He's the work, he's the time,” said Joe Grimaldi, Kyle's travel ball coach for Reds Baseball.

The work she does now is paying off, while staying close to home so her parents can watch every game at Aurora University.