How to view all your subscriptions: Check app subscriptions in phone settings, cancel unused subscriptions to save money

You may be able to save hundreds of dollars in annual expenses just by tracking, canceling subscriptions

Sunday, April 2, 2023 01:00

CHICAGO (WLS) — We all have a monthly recurring subscription, but do you want it all?

According to Forbes Advisor, a survey showed 83% of consumers believe streaming or app services don't make updates obvious in the hope consumers forget they've subscribed. And, most people don't notice.

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To avoid renewal fees, it's important to check them regularly. One way to do this is to look at app subscriptions in your phone's settings. There are also apps to help you track down unwanted subscriptions.

You may be able to slash your annual costs by hundreds of dollars just by tracking down and canceling subscriptions.

Read the full Forbes Advisor report Here.

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